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Discover Brilliant, Whiter Teeth...

Smile Studio brings you the next generation of teeth whitening technology.

One Hour.
One Visit.
One Brilliant, Healthy Smile

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We are privileged to be the only Teeth Whitening business recommended by the Medi Care NHS  in the Wirrral, Chester and North Wales.

For teeth whitening in just 1 hour call us now on

0780 128 6385


Teeth whitening for a brighter, whiter smile!



The Science

Over time, your teeth will inevitably tend to age and become stained by foodstuffs, particularly by smoking, drinking coffee, tea and red wine.
The treatment not only returns your teeth to their natural white state but also improves oral health by destroying harmful bacteria found in gingivitis and periodontal disease. Not only will you have a whiter and healthier smile but also a clean and fresher breath.
To restore the natural colour of your teeth, Smile Studio Wirral uses a proven effective method that:

  • Gets the quickest and longest lasting results
  • Gives you the most natural white teeth
  • Is safe and comfortable
  • Takes just one visit of one hour

The latest in Light Technology

We use the very latest in halogen technology, often described in some advertisements as 'Laser' teeth whitening; this however is mis-leading as lasers are NOT used. Be aware that 'lasers' emit heat that is unlikely to cause your teeth to turn white!

We apply a gentle gel to each visible smile tooth, which softens and dehydrates the enamel allowing the gel to get to the inner 'dentin' for cleaning and lightening the shade. The BEYOND® halogen light matrix delivers an optimum frequency which speeds up the process allowing weeks of changes to occur in less than one hour. The effects of smoking / red wine can often take longer to correct however the results can be dramatic.

Smiling man after Smile Studio Teeth Whitening Treatment at West Kirby, Wirral

Before and After Treatment at Smile Studio Wirral

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