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Discover Brilliant, Whiter Teeth...

Smile Studio brings you the next generation of teeth whitening technology.

One Hour.
One Visit.
One Brilliant, Healthy Smile

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We are privileged to be the only Teeth Whitening business recommended by the Medi Care NHS  in the Wirrral, Chester and North Wales.

For teeth whitening in just 1 hour call us now on

0780 128 6385


Teeth whitening for a brighter, whiter smile!



The Procedure

Our teeth whitening procedure is specifically designed to give you a comfortable and pleasant experience, which uses the very latest in light technology and is ideal for people who want to enhance the appearance of their smile.

Teeth Whitening will:

  • Lift almost all stains from the enamel of your teeth
  • Clean dental work such as crowns, veneers, bridges and fillings back to their original colour
  • Keep your teeth noticeably whiter for 6 – 12 months
  • Improve the effects of Tetracycline and Grey Teeth

What’s Involved?

  1. Upon arrival we provide a free consultation, which includes an examination of your teeth and then we complete a health questionnaire.
  2. Before treatment commences the colour of the teeth is assessed using the Vita (samples of teeth) shade guide.
  3. Once you are sat comfortably a protective ‘retractor’ is placed into the mouth to hold the lips and tongue out of the way.
  4. The gums are ‘sealed’ off for protection with a patented acrylic cream which is then cured. This seal is painlessly peeled off at the end of the treatment.
  5. Our fully trained staff will apply a patented whitening gel to your teeth individually.
  6. The gel is then activated by a matrix of halogen light operating at an optimum frequency.
  7. This process is repeated over an hour whilst you sit back and relax in a comfortable chair you can listen to music or watch TV.
  8. When the treatment is finished we re-assess the colour of the teeth once again by using the Vita shade guide.
  9. The visible results should show a between 3 – 14 shades lighter, results vary from person to person.

In less than an hour, we can whiten your teeth. It’s that simple.

Contact us to have your teeth whitened – we are the fastest and easiest way to a whiter, brighter smile.

Top up Treatments:
We recommend a top-up treatment every 6 months, and offer a discounted rate of only £50.00.
This top-up treatment takes just 30 minutes.

Smile Spa Teeth Whitening System used by Smile Studio Wirral

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